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Elmhurst Children's Assistance Foundation

Our Community. Our Families.

ECAF's goal is to assist families who have a connection to, or reside in our community, where a child's life is impacted by a serious medical or disabling condition.  As unpaid medical expenses mount, the emotional impact on the family may seem overwhelming.

Through The Community's Generosity

Elmhurst Children's Assistance Foundation is able to provide these children with financial assistance and to let families know they are not alone.  All names and information provided from families in need are held confidential with ECAF. The Elmhurst Children's Assistance Foundation has never been stronger or more committed to its mission as it continues to be another outstanding example of why Elmhurst is a very special place for families to live.


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It’s a privilege to be able to share about the impact your support has had on my daughter, Julisa. Julisa came home from China 9 years ago this month and she has had development delays of about 2 years. As she strives to catch up, the target is constantly moving and she was beginning to slip further behind. Beside the special services offered at school, Julisa was not closing her development gap emotionally, academically, and physically. I knew there had to be some other type of support that could help her with her deficiencies. We found one of about 4 Physical Therapists in America that specialize in Rhythmic Movement. This therapy has been able to tap into Julisa’s nervous system and develop it to help her mature emotionally by teaching her basic movements she can exercise anywhere she’s at to control her wound up system. The approach was to help her gain control of her head and eyes that were easily distracted, disorganized and not aligned with her body. Organizing her movement meant everything to her ability to progress in school. Julisa's therapy is provided by a private organization that doesn’t accept insurance and we were unable to afford this treatment. This is where ECAF has come in as a miracle to help support Julisa and change her life! Thank you very much!
— Marci Guzman
The gift of the Pool Life Chair Lift has been instrumental in our ability to serve the community. We are now able to provide pool access for children and adults with special needs. It is used regularly by a number of people of all ages, and with all types of disabilities. Water exercise has so many benefits, mental and physical. In fact, the chair lift is now also regularly used by the Y’s arthritis classes and cardiovascular workouts, “Twinges in the Hinges” and “Smooth Moves”. The benefit of one chair lift has made a difference in so many lives! Thank you!
— Angie Flesch, Elmhurst YMCA
Our son, Derrick, suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2011 which left him in a quadriplegic state. Thanks to Derrick’s hard work and ECAF’s support, Derrick continues to make gains in his recovery and is able to stand almost unassisted using a podium stander! When Derrick was finally able to return home, we were stunned to find a lack of equipment at rehabilitation facilities and lack of assistance from our insurance. Due to the help we received from ECAF, our ability to give care to Derrick has improved greatly. Thank you ECAF, for the tilt table, the shower chair, and the support!
— Butch Wanderer
I'm so incredibly grateful for the Elmhurst Children’s Assistance Foundation. It is with their support that I have conquered every medical challenge of my disorder and succeeded in becoming the independent and driven woman I am today. I will forever be grateful for the blessings they have given me.
— Devin Davis
Without the VERY GENEROUS donation, this would have never happened, so thank you doesn't explain the gratitude we feel, how humbled we are by the Board's generosity, and how gracious we are that you made this happen. This has literally changed Avery's life as he is now able to take his power chair places again, he doesn't have to be transferred to/from his wheelchair/car seat resulting in a huge increase in his safety, and it decreases the risk of me hurting myself lifting him.
— Katrena