An image of previous ECAF board members wearing hard hats and breaking ground with gold shovels at Butterfield Park & The Playground for Everyone in Elmhurst, Illinois.

Past Board Members

ECAF was established on June 30, 1993 as the Brent Klosterman Children's Assistance Foundation, Inc. The first Board of Directors was comprised of Frank Catalano, Jr., Ed Envart, Peggy Fisher, Ken Larson and Duncan Skogsberg.


ECAF has strong ties in the Elmhurst community....

Assistance Provided

When a child is diagnosed with a medical problem the whole family is impacted, emotionally and often financially. Medical expenses not typically covered by insurance can begin to mount. ECAF exists to provide financial assistance to these families based on need. The types of assistance provided over the years include...

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Speech and Language Therapy
Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Visual Therapy
Behavioral Therapy
Assisted mobility devices
Medical equipment and supplies
Medical bills
Augmentative communication devices
Special needs camps
Adaptations to family vehicles
Special dietary requirements
Elmhurst YMCA - automated chair lift for swimming pool
DuPage Easter Seals - Mars suit for physical therapy department
Elmhurst Memorial Hospital - Augmentative communication device
Elmhurst CUSD 205 Transition Program - taxi vouchers for vocational training
Center for Independence - physical therapy equipment

The Board

Friends of the Children

Doug Peterson


Rich Rosenberg


Larry Roesch


William Gooch


John Jevitz


Rick Bieterman


Joe Newton